The 2014 Iowa Senatorial Campaign: Stop the Regression toward Tyranny

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Doris and I attended the Americans for Prosperity/National Review US Iowa Senate GOP Primary Debate last Wednesday (23 October) evening. I was going to give you a summary of the debate, but Doris and I agree that Kevin Hall, who writes for The Iowa Republican online news has written an excellent and comprehensive summary. The website is below.

First Iowa GOP U.S. Senate Debate: Winners and Losers (and Video)

Without the Democrat majority led by Nevada Senator Harry Reid and the enthusiastic support by Iowa Senator Harkin, much of President Obama’s liberal regressive agenda would be either stalled or history. I say regressive agenda because the so-called progressives seek to regress (return to a former state) our nation to the big-government, tyrannical rule from which our founding fathers fled and later delivered us. Unfortunately, some so-called conservative Republican Senators, under the guise of “facing reality” have supported Reid. This is why we need to pay close and careful attention to the conservative candidates for both the US Senate and US House of Representatives as they campaign throughout Iowa and other states.

We cannot allow our federal government to continue to expand its power and size. With every expansion, we lose more freedom. Whichever candidates we the people finally choose, we need to be sure that they will stand for conservative principles just as Senators Cruz and Lee stood almost alone in the Senate against funding Obama-Care. We must make their heroic efforts effective by adding to their number. US House Speaker John Boehner is not a small government person, but, in my view he led a heroic and intense effort to at least scale back and delay Obama-Care. Unfortunately, the effort ultimately failed.

The liberal, regressive Democrats and some of those who claimed to be conservatives trumpet that it was a wasted, foolish effort. But, the same could be said of our founding patriots who against all odds stood up and eventually spilled their precious blood for what they proclaimed was right. Ultimately, they prevailed and formed the most republican, free and prosperous nation the world has ever known. So, was Senators Cruz and Lee’s effort wasted? No, their stand was a call for all freedom-loving Americans to resist the encroaching tyranny of government dominated healthcare by coming to the aid of their country.

The House of Representatives must remain in Republican (preferably with more conservative members) hands. If enough of our senators and congressmen willing to stand up and insist that we abide by our founding principles of minimal, constitutional government funded by the lowest possible taxes are elected, our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy futures characterized by prosperity and freedom. If not, the liberal, regressive legislators (both Democrat and Republican) will carry us to tyranny in which we will be constantly watched to make certain that we are valuable members of “the collective”.

Historically, nations that go this route marginalize and eventually eliminate those that are not deemed valuable to the collective. Can such a thing happen to our nation? About two thousand years ago, over about five hundred years of elected Republican rule, power gradually consolidated into the hands of a relatively few rich families allied with politicians. Although the apparatus of republican government remained for another five hundred years, the real power first devolved into the hands of Augustus Caesar (about 29 BC) and was passed along a long line of dictators until the fifth century. It is estimated that the Roman empire had a population of a hundred million. It happened to them and it can happen to us.

This first Iowa GOP Senatorial candidate debate was interesting and revealing. There will be many more opportunities across Iowa and other states to observe, listen and consider the candidates’ ideas and principles. I urge each of you to attend as many opportunities to meet and listen to the candidates as is possible. After you attend a function featuring any or all of the candidates, it will be of great service if you will share your impressions and thoughts. You can do this by emailing to

May God bless America and all of us with discernment as we begin the 2014 campaign season.


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