Fundamental Transformation? Needed: A Voter Revolution!

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to 2014! This is the year that the pinnacle of the Progressive (I call it regressive) agenda; Obamacare slides into high gear and this is the year we can stop it cold!

In 2004, most of us had never heard of then Democratic Senator Barack Obama from Illinois.  It did not take long before we learned through the media that he was born in Hawaii, raised primarily by his mother and her parents, was a Harvard graduate who specialized in Constitutional law and a community organizer.  Ominously, it also became known that his parentage, a great many of his educators and his circle of friends were avowed Marxists. But, then Senator Obama claimed that, though his surrounding mentors (one was his pastor) leaned toward Marxist Collectivism, he was not an idealogue and would govern according to Constitutional principals.  So, it was a little hard for most people, especially those who were not particularly interested in politics to fully understand what President Obama meant when he proclaimed upon winning the 2008 presidential election that “fundamental change has come to America”. Most hoped that he meant it when he promised an honest and transparent national government that would bring order to an apparently out of control and collapsing economy.  Most were willing to wait and see if President Obama’s mantra of wealth control and redistribution would be the needed solution to bring back and insure their prosperity. Then came the bailouts for the largest banks, for General Motors and Chrysler, and the labor unions to name a few. The national debt quickly exploded to more than 15 trillion dollars. The Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) was pushed through a progressive controlled congress via backroom deals and political bribery over the objections of a majority of the American public. But, most Americans were still willing to give President Obama and his administration the benefit of a doubt. After all, he had promised that most Americans would be relatively unaffected by Obamacare. It was reassuring when he said that they would be able to keep their current healthcare plans and their doctors. Then came the dishonesty and subterfuge associated with the Bengazi disaster, the administration’s illegal use of the Internal Revenue Service to suppress conservative opposition, and the revealing of secret monitoring of electronic communications and massive gathering of personal information on almost every American by the National Security Agency. But, even though it increasingly looked as though the lack of transparency and truthfulness came from the top echelons of the administration, most Americans were reluctant to accept that President Obama was knowingly dishonest. Then finally, after more then five million Americans lost their healthcare plans and their doctors, largely because their plans did not conform to Obamacare’s standards, it was revealed that he knew from the beginning that these plus many more privately funded healthcare plans would be lost. There could be no doubt that he had promised something that he knew would not be delivered in order to achieve his political objectives.

I suppose that like most Americans, I believe that a certain amount of political manipulation, subterfuge and deal-making in order to achieve the compromises necessary for the government to function within widely diverse ideologies and cultures is to be expected. But, I also believe that most Americans expect their president to be truthful with them. Clearly, this president was not. Every administration reflects its leader. In spite of President Obama’s promises, this one is no different.

The national polls show that Americans are finally getting to know the real Barack Obama as a devoted, radical leftist who will lie, manipulate, threaten, bribe and push executive power to the limits and beyond Constitutional bounds to achieve his objective to “fundamentally transform America” into a society ruled by a government that controls every aspect of our lives. If this president has his way, America and Americans will lose the liberty and freedoms for which so many have fought and died for 238 years.

But, our Constitution was created by men fully aware of history’s relatively brief experiments in libertarian government. Given their appreciation for the lust men have for power, our founding fathers knew that assaults on our freedoms were sure to come. So, they created a government with checks and balances for power that uses competitive interests to contain the threats to individual liberties. Since the beginning of our republic, but mainly within the last hundred years, so called Progressives ( I would call them Regressives) have sought to gain power in order to “equal the playing field” through minimizing the Constitution, government edict and oppression. But, our Constitution, though battered and bruised still stands. It still contains the weapons needed to once more defeat those, like Barack Obama and many of those within his administration who seek to destroy our individual liberties and freedom.

In November, 2014, supporters of individual freedom and limited government powers as written in the Constitution have an opportunity to replace enough Progressive Senators and Congressmen (both Democrats and Republicans) to stop their efforts to “fundamentally transform America” cold. But, it will require electing a veto-proof conservative (not necessarily just Republican) majority; two thirds of both the Senate and the House of Representatives. This will require all of us to be informed on the critical issues, learn about the candidates (both Republican and Democrat) to make sure they are true conservatives, get involved in the election process and then make sure we and every conservative  we know vote.

Our nation does not need another civil war. But, it does need a voter revolution if our freedoms are to be preserved for ourselves as well as for our children.

May God bless and keep all of you,


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