American History and Obama

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I have often wondered how President Obama and his administration will be known in history. I suppose it depends upon who writes the history. Certainly, he will be historically immortalized as America’s first African American Minority President by all sides; from the most liberal to the most conservative

Some things that the liberal, progressive historians will maintain is that he was a towering advocate and organizer for a more beneficent, brotherly government that advocated for and protected minorities, women, the poor and the disadvantaged. They will point toward his seemingly humble “lead from behind” concepts that encouraged other nations to deal with their own policies free of American “interference” and his “we are only one family in the family of nations” that marginalized “American Exceptionalism”. He will be praised for ending the Iraq War, bringing the troops home from Afghanistan and drastically decreasing the size and cost of the American military. They will be sure to include his internationally inclusive “America without borders” immigration policies and his progressive “evolving document” philosophy in interpreting the Constitution. Then lastly, they will laud his “fundamental transformation” efforts to change America from an “equal opportunity” to an “equal outcomes” nation in which wealth is redistributed by government policies, programs and edicts from those who have to those who have less.

But, what do we suppose conservative historians might say? The appearance of beneficence and brotherliness was only a facade used to increase government power at the expense of our liberty and freedoms. His Department of Justice abused this power to dominate and coerce state and local governments and law enforcement to conform with federal administration policies of special consideration to minorities versus the white majority. His administration demonstrated that the government has always been a dangerous tiger that must be carefully and watchfully leashed by its owners; the American people. Protecting minorities, women, the poor and the disadvantaged must be a function of individual freedom guided by religious morals and ethics and not by a colossal, overpowering government. The corruption and abuse of power demonstrated that redistributing (sharing) wealth can only be accomplished through individual and corporate altruism if individual freedom is to be preserved. Obama’s administration misunderstood that we are not an exceptional nation because of our wealth and the things we possess. Rather we are exceptional because we are free to have life, liberty and to pursue happiness (property) with minimal government interference. Because we are free and religious, we seek to encourage and lead the world to see and follow our example.

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