Global Warming, Really?

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President Obama recently said that climate change (by this he means global warming) is the most dangerous crisis facing our nation. This implies that Russia’s covert, but not so secret war against Ukraine, China’s rapid expansion in sea power and territory, North Korea’s nuclear and long-range missile advances, Iran’s stated goal of destroying Israel and America, and Isis efforts to attack America and reestablish the ancient Islamic Caliphate in the Mideast and Africa are secondary crises. Climate change must be serious indeed.

Over the long term, rapidly rising temperatures with accompanying melting ice caps and rising sea levels would have very serious and possibly catastrophic consequences. On the other hand, even if the earth’s atmospheric temperature is rising, given enough time, the long-term consequences might be serious, but not necessarily catastrophic. Then, of course if the globe were actually cooling (as many scientists claimed in the 1960s and 70s), we would be faced with very different, but still serious consequences.

Without doubt, the planet’s Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels are rising and man-made aerosols may be one of the causes. In 1988, the United Nations (UN) created the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to examine man made causes of climate change. Unfortunately, in the subsequent 1992 meeting of the IPCC, it became clear that no other explanations for climate change would be considered. Every scientist knows that the sun is by far the overwhelming driving mechanism for the earth’s climate. Yet, scientists who claimed that changes in the sun could fully explain the observed rise in temperatures were ridiculed and marginalized. This somewhat intolerant attitude has spread increasingly over the world’s scientific and political communities with serious consequences for those scientists and other individuals who question that increasing CO2 levels are necessarily linked to increasing temperatures that lead to catastrophic geophysical changes.

Of course, it should be remembered that climate change that leads to a global catastrophe gives a needed world-wide crisis (Rahm Emanuel’s rule: “Never let a good crisis go to waste”) for the progressive mindset that promotes the anti capitalist, anti-private property, anti-individual freedom, pro-collectivist world state encased within the UN Agenda 21. After all, this Agenda rests upon state control of all the earth’s resources (land, air, water).

Most Americans do not realize that President H W Bush signed onto the Agenda 21 document. President Clinton complied with the Agenda by creating the President’s Council on Sustainable Development. Because of the inflammatory nature (to Americans) of Agenda 21’s collectivist, Marxist language, it is being implemented in America using such names as; Smart Growth, Sustainable Development, Comprehensive Planning, and Growth Management. What better excuse than the need to collectively control resources in order to cool the planet and prepare for a world-wide environmental catastrophe.

Many people do not understand that the doomsday predictions on accelerating climate change are based upon computer models, which generally summarize and quantify scientists somewhat limited understanding. Those models are in somewhat agreement in predicting that increasing CO2 levels cause air temperatures to rise. But, surprisingly, in contrast to the models predictions satellite monitoring of global temperatures show actual temperatures have stayed remarkably stable since the late 1990s. In spite of record summer heat and winter cold located at specific areas, average yearly global temperatures have not increased significantly for more than 18 years. Satellite observations show that the upper atmosphere, which models predict should be warming, is actually cooling. Arctic ice at the North Pole is decreasing, but Antarctic ice at the South Pole is rapidly increasing. In fact, the observed amount of Antarctic sea ice is at record high levels. Sea levels may be rising very slightly, although there is disagreement over any rise. A recent study from the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology shows that CO2 (a tiny .04% or 400 parts per million of our atmosphere) has much less effect on temperatures then previously thought. Although this one study does not necessarily support eliminating global warming as a more distant threat, further studies that incorporate his results reduce the threat significantly. John Cleman, the co-founder of the Weather Channel goes even further when he insists that the theory of man-made climate change is not credible. But, perhaps the most destabilizing fact for global warming supporters is the gross manipulation of raw temperature data (in almost every case the temperature was raised up to 1 degree Celsius) done by the supposedly trustworthy US Government Historical Climate Network, the Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the National Climate Data Center to explain the discrepancies between model predictions and actual temperatures.

So, is climate change happening? As a former weather forecaster for the US Air Force, I can say with certainty, yes! Our climate is always changing. There have been cyclical warming and cooling periods since weather began. For example, 75 years ago the Arctic ice pack shrank even more than today due to a major shift in an Atlantic Ocean current. In spite of the climate change hysteria that seems to be sweeping across our news medias, the present observable raw data does not support near term inevitable climate catastrophe due to global warming.

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