A Matter of Truth, Justice and the American Way

Hello everyone,

When I was a child, one of my favorite heroes was Superman. I still vividly remember him standing proudly next to a waving American flag while the television announcer proclaimed that Superman stood for truth, justice and the American way. Truth and justice are universal terms that do not apply solely to Americans, but what is the American Way?

In my view, America, like no other nation on earth has stood for the rights of life, liberty and the freedom to pursue ones own destiny unfettered by class, race, religion or ethnicity. Of course, like all fallible human beings, we have not always lived up to those high standards. But, to a large degree, it is the standards that matter because without them and the Constitution necessary to maintain them, we would be just as so many progressives assert no different then any other nation.

Freedom requires that we must be internally responsible. In a perfect society, there would be no need for government and its necessary limitations upon our individual freedoms. Unfortunately, there are no perfect people and therefore no perfect society. Our Constitution was created because our founders recognized that we all generally seek after our own welfare even at the expense of other people. It is human nature (I would say our fallen nature) to seek power to dominate and take advantage of anything necessary to attain our goals.

The unique feature of our American government as our founders created it is that it rests upon the fact that we are all ultimately answerable to our Creator. It is because of Him and our fundamental beliefs (ethos) that we temper our individual freedoms and that we try to treat each other with respect and even love. One result is that we obey laws, not just because we face punishment if we do not obey but rather because it is the right thing to do for the welfare of others as well as for ourselves.

This emphasis upon a divine mandate for individuals to be (with minimal government interference) whatever their dreams, talents and drive to succeed allow, has led us to become the most dynamic, wealthiest and strongest nation that the world has ever seen. But, along with the promise of blessings based upon recognition and obedience to a higher power then government comes a warning. When we rely upon the standards of behavior exhibited by and demanded by the politically powerful, without regard to the Creator proclaimed in our Declaration of Independence, we are in grave danger of stagnation, mediocrity, weakness and eventual tyranny.

Our founders warned that if the cornerstone of our nation ever becomes something other than our Creator, then we truly will become as any other nation. We will no longer have the drive to remain free. We will become what so many progressives are attempting to make us; a people dependent upon and shackled by a government that demands complete obedience without regard to any higher power.

May God bless you all,

By Len Edwards

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