A Tribute To Unsung Patriots

Hello everyone,

Now that the actual voting is about to begin starting with the Iowa caucuses on February 1st, the race to be an endorsed candidate for the office of President of the United States is becoming red hot. It looks as though Progressive Democrat Hillary Clinton’s staffers are desperately trying to breath new life into her faltering campaigns in Iowa and New Hampshire while Socialist Bernie Sanders’ staff is trying to upset what seemed at first to be a cake walk for Hillary. Meanwhile, on the Republican side, Populist Donald Trumps’ staff is trying to prove that he really can upset early predictions that his campaign would eventually crash and die because of his bombastic populist rhetoric. The other more conservative Republican candidates’ staffs are vigorously trying to find ways to impress potential voters that their candidate has what America needs to bring us back to what they see as traditional conservative values.

Given all the strident, largely negative media coverage and the increasing pleas for money and votes, it is easy to ignore the fact that every one of the potential candidates’ campaigns are supported and pushed forward by large numbers of dedicated, hard working and selfless individuals who voluntarily devote an inordinate amount of time and effort to their particular candidate. They may not agree on ideology and methods, but they are dedicated, largely anonymous patriots. This is why we take a moment to honor Dr. Ben Carson’s volunteer staffer, Braden Joplin, 25 who died on January 19th after being involved in a motor vehicle accident while campaigning in Cass County, Iowa. To his credit, Dr. Carson, who was in South Carolina immediately rushed to Omaha, Nebraska where Braden had been taken and suspended campaigning until last Thursday (January 21st) He also arranged for Braden’s parents to be flown to Omaha.

Dr. Carson wrote on his campaign web site,
“A presidential candidate asks a lot of his or her volunteers, working long hours in the cold, under-appreciated. They are the unsung heroes of the political process. The outpouring of support for Braden and his family from fellow candidates, as well as their staffs and volunteers, demonstrates that life will always transcend politics, and I thank them for their kind words. Please continue to keep Braden’s family and friends in your prayers as they struggle through this difficult time.”

We The People Tea Party of Southern Iowa are dedicated to the unique American electoral process. We are a group of conservative citizens and we stand for conservative values. But, we also recognize that there are many different visions for America and we honor those individuals, like Braden who sometimes work far from home in uncomfortable, challenging environments to ensure that our nation remains free and strong.

God Bless you all,


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